Concrete Music San Diego

About Us

Diane Marie's bio
Everyday I wake up, I feel lucky to be here. I enjoy working. I'm passionate about many things in life. I love writing and recording music. When I'm
working on a song, it's as if the song is pursuing me. Some songs are like puzzles and some are like cake. In my spare moments, I create art. The Staten Island Children's Museum displays a piece of art that took me 8 1/2 years to make. The art was more like a puzzle than a cake.

Randy Lane's bio
I have been performing and creating music since my early teenage years. My first exposure to performing was in a junior high talent show. I've
performed at various venues throughout the US and beyond. I've had a variety of careers, all leading to and inspiring my current projects. I'm a musician / singer / songwriter / music and video producer. My passion is creating mesmerizing music. My goal is to impact the world in a positive way. My tool is imagination fueled by a strong desire to improve.

Together, we are Concrete Music San Diego.